What our pupils think


What our pupils think

Website images and information provide the reader with a good overview of life at Sompting Abbotts. For a fuller picture, and to define the school a little more, what better way than to add the views of both current and former pupils?

Current, older pupils have also been asked, if they would like, to add their targets for the remainder of the year.


My favourite thing is that we all work together and help each other out.
I want to improve my shooting in netball. Rosalind, Aged 10


Sompting Abbotts prepared me well for life at secondary school. Academically and musically the teachers knew exactly what was required and helped me towards fulfilling my potential. Jade, Aged 16

(Editor’s note..Jade was awarded both an Academic and a Music Scholarship to Brighton College and has achieved 11A* and 1A in her GCSE examinations)


The school has a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It has an air of understanding. We are friends; we all work as hard as we can.
I plan to do well in games and bring my homework in on time! Tom, Aged 10


I was a pupil at Sompting Abbotts for 8 years and I enjoyed every moment of it! Alex, Aged 13


I enjoy the opportunity to perform in music and drama. I want to hand all my prep in on time and get in earlier! Amy Aged, 13


P.E. is brilliant. Barney, Aged 7


The thing I remember most fondly about Sompting Abbotts is that it felt like a large family – always friendly and warm, and always a safe place to be. Molly, Aged 17

(Editor’s note..Molly achieved a Ken Shearwood All-Rounder Award to Lancing College on the strength of her Common Entrance result.)


I love Arts & Crafts Club and Science Club. I plan to improve my joined-up handwriting. Beatrice, Aged 6


I like playing football. I am trying harder in Maths. Gracie, Aged 6


Despite having now spent two years in secondary education, I still feel the benefit and quality of teaching at Sompting Abbotts, it was exemplary… the sheer dedication of the teaching staff….their lessons were fun, intuitive and rigorous. Even when I tackled 13+ scholarship examinations, I knew I was in good hands as we ploughed through GCSE level topics.
I owe most of my achievements to Sompting and for that I am very grateful. In essence, education at SA is independent education ‘done right’!
Lohith, Aged 14

(Editor’s note…Lohith achieved the top Lancing College award, the Sankey Scholarship.)


I enjoy playing with all the toys and seeing all my friends. Finley, Aged 5


I like drawing my own pictures and building things with Mobilo. Theo, Aged 5


I like maths and being the leader.Sylvie, Aged 5


I like working at the writing table. Agnès, Aged 5


My favourite things at Sompting Abbotts are games lessons, learning new techniques in netball lessons and playing in matches against other schools. I plan to receive my best exam results and produce my best work all the time. Grace, Aged 12


I love the grounds… there is so much space and we are not confined to one area.
I want to gain entry to Lancing College. Toby, Aged 13


I love the teaching and the grounds. My target is to improve my Latin. Pru, Aged 11


I like everything. Devon, Aged 5


I joined the Reception class and stayed at Sompting until Year Eight. I can say with confidence that my experiences there were amazing. My abiding memory is of the strong sense of community which made me feel comfortable and at home. Other special memories include the many happy hours we spent exploring the school grounds, climbing trees, pond dipping and even camping in the fiends! Anna, Aged 16


I enjoy the bikes at playtime. Harry, Aged 5


Sompting is a great school. I arrived there, aged 9, and with no English it was a struggle. However, the excellent teachers quickly brought me up to a good standard of knowledge and not only in English. I greatly appreciated the teaching, the atmosphere and the sport. Samuil, Aged 14


I particularly enjoy netball because we learn to play in every position, and I love History. At the moment we are studying Ancient Greece and we are tasting Greek food! I am resolved never to refuse a challenge. Chloe, Aged 7


It’s incredibly difficult to do justice to a place like Sompting Abbotts and to condense an entire childhood into a couple of sentences. It strives for academic brilliance and the standards of teaching are matched only by its ability to nurture and encourage individuality. I grew up there and, to me, it will always be home. Archie, Aged 15


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