Food for Thought

Sompting Abbotts Food

At a time when reporting on school meals features frequently in the press, it’s appropriate to highlight the lunch menu at Sompting Abbotts.

All the pupils enjoy a freshly prepared, home cooked meal everyday.

Here are samples of the dishes used in the daily menu planning:

Chicken stew
Sweet and sour chicken
Chicken curry… all served with rice
Chicken nuggets with sautéd potatoes
Bangers and beans and sautéd potatoes
Spaghetti Bolognese
‘Toad in the Hole’ with vegetables
Meatballs and pasta
Pork burgers with vegetables
Spicy pork and fusilli pasta
Fish fingers with peas and a cheesy potato bake
Pasta served with a pepper and tomato sauce with cheese

Followed by:

Chocolate sponge pudding
Stewed apple with custard
Syrup tart with custard
Rice pudding
Bread and butter pudding
Ice cream
Fresh fruit
Fruit sponge
Apple pie and custard

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