Please can you look at the photos and email me back the answers! I’ve numbered the photos to make it easier

1. When was this aerial taken do you think? What are the market gardens/fields to the east - who maintained them - what did they produce?

3 When did the gardens cease to be laid out in this landscaped fashion and why? What year was the pool put in? What other changes to the grounds were made over the years?

5 Dorm in 1960s? This is Ms Farley’s maths room today?

6 This seems to have been a celebration of the life of Coleridge - any idea of the date of this photo - if not precisely, roughly?

8 How about this one? Any idea of what play? What year? Roughly? School plays were still an annual tradition back then?

9 Is this Midsummer Nights’ Dream? Any idea of year?

11 Captain King - what years at the school - what did he teach the boys?


2. This is 1963? Prior to your arrival with your husband Mrs Sinclair?

4 1960s? The painting is still on the wall? What does it depict?

7 When do you think this photo would have been taken? Do you know what type of car is sitting out front? Or who it belonged to?

10 This is backstage for a play somewhere in the school - where? Does this still exist? Who is the teacher? Any idea what year? Roughly? What is the machine he’s using - is it to control the lights?