Religious Studies


Religious Studies

Sompting Abbotts is not a denominational school and does have a Christian ethos but all pupils from whatever religious background are given the opportunity consider the purpose of their life, what is right and wrong and what values they choose to live by.

The curriculum devotes most time on Christianity studying its Old Testament roots, the events and teachings of the New Testament as well as how modern individuals have applied these ideals. There is a close relationship with the Anglican Parish of Sompting, with visits from the vicar to explain matters of faith as well as study trips to and services in the church. Christianity has shaped our society and so a knowledge of core Biblical texts and how these illustrate a developing understanding of the nature of God and humanity is important. Pupils study how contemporary individuals have interpreted and applied their faith regarding issues facing society. Pupils also consider the debate between science and religion, the recent theology of the environment, the debate around human rights, poverty and wealth, prejudice and discrimination.

All major world religions are studied and visits are organised to a synagogue, a mosque and a temple in addition to guest speakers who come to explain their different religious practices and beliefs. Thus, while developing a personal philosophy, pupils learn to understand and respect those of a different viewpoint, understanding how varied the human response to spirituality can be.

Past pupils have been awarded prizes for the standard of their entrance papers.



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