My name is Penny Meares, I have a degree in Education from Bath University. I taught “Food and Nutrition” up to A’level for the first five years of my career. I took a career break to bring up my three children. During this period we lived in Holland for a number of years.

On returning to teaching I re-trained as a primary school teacher. I have taught various age groups in a number of schools in the state and private sector. I am in my fifth year at Sompting and very much enjoy teaching the reception class. I believe, “every child is special, every child is unique.” I like to think that I am giving the children in my care the best  experiences possible as they begin their journey through school. “A happy child is a learning child.”

I take particular pleasure in sharing my passion for the outdoor environment, we go pond dipping,  search for mini beasts, build dens and collect conkers to name just a few activities. The autumn is a favourite time as we go blackberry picking, then collect apples from the orchard to make our own blackberry and apple crumble. Sompting Abbotts has such wonderful grounds for the children to explore, they can learn to take risks and solve problems in a safe setting. 

Something you don’t know about me?  I enjoy kayaking. I do safety cover for several of the local triathlons  in the summer months. I kayak down rivers and on the sea. A favourite annual trip is kayaking off the coast of the Isle of Man with the seals identifying all the sea birds nesting on the cliffs. This year I was also on the bayous of Houston with the alligators!