Year 8 Parent: 1 daughter

The teaching is very tailor-made according to the needs of the child.

Year 7 Parent: 1 son

They cater for all standards and abilities. My son has SEN which are perfectly catered for.

Year 8 Parent: 2 sons (98 seconds)

Academics are a very high standard. We appreciate that the children are treated as individuals, not just as ‘a child’.

Year 1 Parent: 1 daughter 

I’ve used state schools for some of my five children. This school give pupils the individual attention they need.

Reception/Nursery Parent: 2 daughters

My oldest started in the local primary school but I felt she was lost among 30 children. She’s more confident here.

Year 4 Parent: 1 son

My son does wraparound care, which for me is great, as I have to work full-time.

Year 1 Parent: 1 daughter 

I was a former pupil, as were my brothers. I couldn’t think of another school to send my daughter to.

Year 1 Parent: 2 sons

They do all sorts of fun things in the woods like picking berries, baking pies and building camps.

Year 8 Parent: son & daughter

It’s a holistic approach. They look after the children socially, emotionally and academically.

Year 3 & Year 7 Parent: 2 sons

The fantastic grounds mean they’ve the freedom to run around, climb trees and use the year-round sports facilities.

Year 3 Parent: 1 daughter 

When you see other schools in and around and compare them with what this offers, it speaks for itself really.