There’s no doubt that sport is an important part of our school life at Sompting Abbotts! The emphasis is on fun and teamwork and not winning and losing.


Our sports programme is inclusive and varied and encourages team work and individual skills. Our pupils start young and benefit from outstanding sports facilities. Alongside all the sports you would expect such as rugby, football, cricket, netball, tennis and gymnastics, there are a few you might not, such as golf, squash and shooting. We try to inspire our pupils to find a sporting activity they love. Sport is played in formal lessons in Main School at least three times a week and taught by specialist teachers. 

PE and Gymnastics


In PE lessons, children are taught co-ordination skills in gymnastics, cross-country, swimming and athletics. Gymnastics is taught in the school gym. Children focus on creating sequences to perform in front of the group. They will work alone, with partners and in small groups displaying a wide range of body shapes and actions using the floor and gym apparatus. In games lessons, the major team sports are coached: netball, rounders, football, rugby and cricket. PE includes games activities which develop leadership, cooperation, self esteem, creativity and a sense of fair play.



Sports Day copy.jpg

We feel it's important for all children to be able to swim and are fortunate to have our own on-site heated pool. The Swimming syllabus is primarily taught in the Summer term, along with Athletics and is directed towards developing stroke technique. The children are introduced to personal survival and life-saving skills. In the Summer term, the houses compete in a Swimming Gala, at which parents are also invited to spectate.


Athletics is taught in the Summer Term in preparation for Sports Day. These include a wide range of track and field events which are located in our superb grounds. These include Long Jump, High Jump, Relay and others. Sports Day is a great sporting and social occasion and all families of students look forward to attending.


Team sports and fixtures

The boys’ main team sports are football, rugby and cricket, while the main girls’ team sports are netball, rounders and tennis. We do cross-country, athletics, tennis and swimming fixtures too. Most of our fixtures are against Sussex and Surrey prep schools and take place during the week. We publish all fixtures well in advance in our termly calendar and parents are very welcome to come and support.