There will be times when bad weather such as heavy snow, high winds or storms may affect travelling conditions and cause doubt as to whether the school can function. The school will endeavour to remain open and operating a normal school day if staffing levels permit. However, should circumstances prevent some staff from getting in on time, the school day could be affected.

In the event of severe weather conditions, the following procedures will be put in place:

Mrs Patricia Sinclair or Mr David Sinclair will make the decision at the earliest possible time, whether it is sensible to open the school.

If the school is to be closed, the preferred method of communication will be by email or telephone. Mrs Sinclair or Mr Sinclair will alert staff and parents by email and answer phone by 7.30am and information will be added as quickly as possible to the home page of the website.

Should the decision be made to open, but with shorter hours, the times will be communicated by email, on the answer phone and website home page and Facebook page.

Should the weather deteriorate during the day, parents may of course contact the school if they feel they would like to arrange early collection for safety reasons.

If you are delayed and unable to make your usual pick-up, the Duty Teacher and Mrs Sinclair will care for pupils until a parent/carer is able to collect them.

Please consider your own and other road users' safety during poor weather conditions.

To help maintain an effective system of communication, we would urge all parents to please inform the school of any changes to their email addresses and mobile phone numbers.