Stéphane Cauley , Head of IT/French

Stéphane Cauley, Head of IT/French

I’m passionate about transferring not just my language but also the French culture, and I will often be talking about a region, a particular town I have lived in. And, of course, French food!
— Stéphane Cauley
Annette Williamson , Head of Music

Annette Williamson, Head of Music

Many of my pupils have gained Music Scholarships to leading independent schools. Some have become professional musicians performing at Ronnie Scott’s, Glastonbury and on the Jools Holland Show. I’m passionate about helping children realise their full potential and fostering in them a love of music that will stay with them throughout their lives.
— Annette Williamson
Andrea Tewkesbury , Head of Art

Andrea Tewkesbury, Head of Art

What I love about teaching art is the pure creativity: that the children can express themselves as they want and there’s no right or wrong. I don’t have silence in the studio – the atmosphere is always bubbly. It’s a space where they can be a bit noisy and spontaneous.
— Andrea Tewkesbury
David Buckingham , Director of Studies

David Buckingham, Director of Studies

Mr ‘B’ as the children love to call him is a Year 4 teacher who also runs our popular Gardening Club and is a passionate ornithologist. Those in his form look forward to their early morning ‘Tweet of the Day’ outings around the grounds several days a week – binoculars, recording equipment and notebooks in tow.
Claire Scale , Head of Science

Claire Scale, Head of Science

At Sompting Abbotts, we’re so lucky to teach such lovely children. They work hard, play hard and always try their best. It’s the children that make each day at the school a very special place to work. I love teaching Science here as it’s so rewarding to be able to inspire both boys and girls to potentially become future engineers, vets, doctors or even rocket scientists...
— Claire Scale
Angela Farley,  Head of Mathematics

Angela Farley, Head of Mathematics

Here you really get to know the children. Although it’s not private tuition, at times it comes close. The weaker children stretch my teaching ability to use all my knowledge from my Masters degree; the scholars mean that I’m actually teaching a lot of the time a GCSE maths standard of maths which keeps me intellectually stimulated.
— Angela Farley
Rob McLaughlin (aka Mr Mac), Head of P.E.

Rob McLaughlin (aka Mr Mac), Head of P.E.

I run a lot of extra-curricular activities including the Year 6 camp, kayaking, paddle-boarding, wake-boarding, mountain biking and skiing in the French Alps. I really value teaching in the beautiful environment our school offers and the learning opportunities it gives. Something you don’t know about me is that I have solo kayaked 2,500 miles right round Britain!
— Rob McLaughlin
Felicity Harrington , Head of Classics

Felicity Harrington, Head of Classics

I particularly love teaching at Sompting Abbotts because it’s really possible to deliver a ‘bespoke’ education here, selecting the type of course and approach best suited to each child. I think that studying Latin in Classics gives you a unique chance to learn a language that has had such influence on so many modern European languages.
— Felicity Harrington
If you’ve had a poor state school experience, most likely it was due to teachers who are one-year qualified and shattered. Most of the teachers here are highly experienced and part-time and full of enthusiasm.
— Parent testimonial, 2018
Angela Tritton , Head of Geography

Angela Tritton, Head of Geography

I’m a true geographer who enjoys travel. I’ve travelled globally and been part of many field trips all over the world, to Iceland, Amsterdam, New York and to Peru – the latter as part of the World Challenge Expedition. I’m a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and regularly attend lectures.
— Angela Tritton
Linda Gates, Pre=Prep Teacher

Linda Gates, Pre=Prep Teacher

What for me make Sompting Abbotts a wonderful place to teach is the atmosphere of caring, nurturing and individuality – to which teachers, parents and children all contribute. Children here really do become life-long learners. Every day here I’m all the more passionate about my teaching.
— Serena Jardine
Sarah Stuart, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

Sarah Stuart, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant

Joanna Carrington, Co-head of Pre-Prep

Joanna Carrington, Co-head of Pre-Prep

Having taught Early Years children for 20 years, I know how the transition from nursery to ‘big school’ or Reception can seem huge. But with the right preparation, your pre-schooler will be just as able to meet the challenge as the little mouse who took on the Gruffalo. What I (and the children!) love here is the freedom to use the woods and grounds literally as our outdoor classroom.
— Joanna Carrington
Rachael Kelly , Year 3 Teacher

Rachael Kelly, Year 3 Teacher

Smaller classes allow me to focus on each individual and tailor work to provide the correct level of challenge which pushes each child to reach their potential. Teachers are urged to use the school and grounds to their full potential, which is refreshing, as I see so many other schools retreating to within the classroom.
— Rachael Kelly
Karen Andrews, Early Years Teaching Assistant

Karen Andrews, Early Years Teaching Assistant

Kirsty Miles , Co-head of Pre-Prep

Kirsty Miles, Co-head of Pre-Prep

Having taught in a state school before joining Sompting Abbotts I had become disillusioned how it was about league tables and performance rather than meeting individual needs. Sompting Abbotts has allowed me to fall back in love with teaching, letting me tailor lessons to needs rather than ploughing through an overcrowded curriculum.
— Kirsty Miles
Tess Booth , Pre-Prep Teacher

Tess Booth, Pre-Prep Teacher

Before I went into teaching I worked at the BBC in London. I can honestly say teaching at Sompting Abbotts is the best experience of my professional career as a teacher. We get to know the children really well and can cater to their interests. So even in year 1, if we notice a child has a particular apptitude in a subject, we can really run with it and make sure the child’s needs are met.
— Tess Booth
Penny Meares,  Pre-Prep Teacher

Penny Meares, Pre-Prep Teacher

Sompting Abbotts has such wonderful grounds for the children to explore and for staff to use as a learning resource. The children and I go pond-dipping, searching for mini beasts, building dens and collecting conkers. They can learn to take risks and solve problems in a beautiful and safe setting.
— Penny Meares
Cathy Camfield, Learning Support

Cathy Camfield, Learning Support

The school’s policy on educational needs focuses attention to the learning of children across the
full ability/age range. We create an environment where each pupil can achieve to their own potential no matter what their ability. Through adult support and degrees of differentiation, all sections of the school seek to provide the opportunity for each pupil to access the curriculum, join in lesson activities and achieve success.