Winter term newsletter 2017

The first half of the Spring Term has simply sped by. The snowdrops and crocuses along Abbotts Walk and on the croquet lawn are a welcome hint of spring. As always in the school things have been happening.

Achievements In Speech & Drama

PP4 pupils Grace Smith and Anna Seare were awarded Distinctions, Ava Stone and Kaylee Bond gained Merits in the LAMDA Verse & Prose Solo Introductory Stage One exam. Congratulations to them all! It is really delightful seeing those who do take lessons perform with such composure at such a young age during concerts at school.

Ellie Fisher-Shah was invited to swim in the Worthing Swimming Club Gala and there were close to 100 boys and girls taking part. She did wonderfully well and gained three bronze medals in three heats: 25m freestyle, 25m backstroke and the 50m freestyle. She also won a gold in the 25m breaststroke; not only did she win a gold, she came overall third in that race beating some much older girls. More splendid achievements for our Sports Day Junior Victrix Ludorum. Well done Ellie!

Lancing College Prep School Squash Tournament

This was held on Friday 10th February. Six schools participated, two groups of U13 and two of U11. Austin Johnston won a gold medal in the U11, winning four out of four matches; Suturth Kanaparthi a silver, winning four of five; George B-N was awarded a silver in the U13. It was an enjoyable afternoon with all players performing well. Well done boys!

Worthing Symphony Concert

Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to see Worthing Symphony Orchestra perform a concert for West Sussex schools. The children were treated to a full concert orchestra who impressed them with variety of pieces including In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg and E.T. by John Williams. We all came away musically inspired by the performance. Rachael Kelly

Spelling Workshop

Sompting Abbotts was delighted to welcome Sir Linkalot, also known as Andy Salmon, with his Spelling Workshop. Children from the Pre-Prep and Main School enjoyed Sir Linkalot’s charm and fun tasks and teachers also gained some valuable insight into potential teaching methods from the energetic Sir Linkalot! Our thanks to Mr. Buckingham for organising this event. Stuart Douch

Horsham Churches

Year 5 was warmly received in the Quaker Meeting House in Horsham by their resident organiser Helen. The class really responded to the grace and simplicity of the building, commenting on the welcoming atmosphere. Helen explained how and why Quakers use the Meeting House and the class had many good questions. They then went on to a talk and tour of St Mary's, the Anglican Parish Church led by the lively young curate, Jimmy. They enjoyed the search for architectural details and again impressed Jimmy by their attention and scope of questions. The final stop on the visit was a more modern example of church architecture in the Catholic church. We. were very grateful to Mrs Thomson for her invaluable assistance with transport. Felicity Harrington


This term’s topic of ‘Wonderful Weather and What to Wear’ has been nicely demonstrated by the varied weather we have seen this half term. The children have experienced the U.K.’s ever changing climate. PP1 has explored melting ice, investigated waterproof materials and even made thunder cloud biscuits. PP2 experimented with using table salt, bath salts and soda flakes to make crystallised snowflakes; the soda flakes were the most successful and created some really interesting crystals. PP3 designed outfits for cut out people and enjoyed decorating them with a variety of fabrics. They have also found out about the variety of school uniforms worn by children around the world. Pupils in PP4 have been gripped by their history topic ‘The Great Fire of London.’ We were very impressed with their use of descriptive language during their diary accounts. It was as if they were actually back in 1666!

On Friday 3rd February the Pre Prep was entertained by The Rainbow Theatre as they performed four, favourite fairy tales. The children joined in with the songs and acting with enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

When we return after half term the first Thursday, 2nd March, is World Book Day when we celebrate the brilliance of books. Each class will take part in a variety of activities using a text chosen by their class teacher. Pupils are invited to come into school dressed as a book character. If they are reluctant to be in costume they can simply bring in their favourite book to share with their friends. It is always a great day with lots of exciting learning opportunities. Kate O`Neill

Wishing you all an enjoyable half term. Patricia Sinclair